Darroch McNaught:

Darroch is a 41 Y.O. BAFTA nominated 2D, 3D & 4D digital content creator, specializing in design for Mixed Reality Game & App development.

He’s been working in the games industry for the past few years, and has recently found himself creating Mixed Reality Experiences:
From a VR Oculus Driver Safety Simulation, to a way to make Water bills more interesting using Augmented Reality technology, and more recently creating Mixed Reality experiences for tourism.

In his spare time {What’s spare time?} he likes nothing more than drinking whisky, riding motorbikes, and smoking cigars… but not necessarily in that order!


“I am currently working with several clients on various different bleeding edge concepts. Some advertising based, some Tourism based and some MUSIC based!”


“One of the best things I’ve been called in recent years is the “VR Pirate”!”     #VRPIRATE

2020 update: Darroch & his partner are currently working on their most ambitious collaboration, and their first child will be born mid March.

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Darroch McNaught

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Contact :- Email to Darroch@DeuXality.com

Phone Number 07837 554 946