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We are currently working with THE HIGHLANDS COUNCIL in Scotland to deliver a tourist facing AR application called “HighlandAR
This app has been designed to enhance visitors experiences in and around Inverness City, with potential to be scaled to other areas of the UK and further.


We develop Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences designed to Augment the end users understanding of the world around them. We have a core belief that learning should be fun, and gamification of education is one of our linchpins.


Having previously built everything from an AR water App (to make water bills fun!) for a Water Company to a VR driver safety experience in the North East of England, Mobile games, an Italian tax app and everything in between, DeuXality are well positioned to tackle any project.


DeuXality are a SME based in the Highlands of Scotland who specialise in creating bespoke bleeding edge technologies to deliver education and visualise heavy data in a fun and engaging way.


We are always looking for interesting ideas/projects to enhance our bespoke mixed reality solutions and visualisation skills. 


Darroch McNaught
Founder @DeuXality Games


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